Burning Thoughts Lookback at 2023

It surprised me to see that I published over 30 items in 2023. The monthly newsletters group items by date. Here are my favorites from last year by category.

Chet Stories and Others Length
Be Brave Chet learns a lesson from college kids.Short story
Difficult Step At work, Chet tries to assume a fresh identity.Short story
Gambler’s Grumble Can math tells us anything about the real world?Flash fiction
Mr. Owl’s Charity A parable in the mode of Aesop.Flash fiction
Never Be Published Creativity and rules clash.Short story
Talk to Me, Casey Mother grapples with son’s mortality.Short story
Goodtime Charlie Departed one’s point of view.Short story
Immortal Did Chet draw a sensible conclusion?Short story

Problems of democracy, in high school, fired my interest.
Constitution True-Up When it takes longer than the presidential election cycle to decide if a Constitutional oath has been violated, the Constitution is not doing its job.
Culture Warrior Using fear to squash change, condemns the society to old solutions for new situations.
Democracy or Mobocracy The Constitution lists individual rights which are undeniable, beyond the rule of the majority.
States are Democracies, but the Union of States is Not Sixteen percent of the population live in 25 states giving them half the Senate, making them equal to eighty-four percent of the population.

Allocating and Pricing Resources Lead to Economics
Daily Life Over Epochs Changes in leisure and wealth from agriculture to industry to services.
News with a Twist Five news items that mean more than they say.
How We Think
Reasoning by Analogy We use analogies when facts and logic aren’t enough.
Mentalese Thinking in words, images, and patterns.
Implicit Learning We learn many skills, without conscious or academic effort.
Emergence: Mind from Brain The brain is physical. The mind is our grappling with incomplete information.
Improve Your Knowledge Experience is the best teacher and the primary one after you finish school.
Bicycles and Probability Share a Secret Facts and logic may not lead you to all consequences.
Our Social Nature is Tested by Technological Change
Chatbot Assistant or Replacement Brief overview of ChatGPT and its potential impact.
Natural Social Groups Who is in your in-group and who’s not?
Grab Bag of News School admission fairness, at-large elections, profits, and wages
Emotions Can Require Poetic Liberty
Rainbows and Science

Image of 2023 created by Bing, DALL-E, from my prompt.

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