My name is Robert Hamill. I’m interested in finance, government, math, science, writing, and how the mind works. I post on all those areas here, although my new posts on the mind are going into Mental Construction.

I’m a retired programmer. I could spruce up that designation. After a stint in the Marines, I got a job as a stock clerk for a data processing shop, then went to college under the GI Bill. In the work force, I got trained in programming, moved up to tech analysis, and after night school at Johns Hopkins APL, shifted into data warehousing. During those years, married with a growing family, I stuffed my ideas and projects into folders and file cabinets – for when I retired.

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While we sit pondering, the world marches on.


Sitting on a rock, water burbling into the distance
Sitting on a rock, water burbling into the distance

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