Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Sitting on a rock, water burbling into the distance
Sitting on a rock, water burbling into the distance

Greetings. My name’s Robert Hamill, the author of this site. My interests range from economic policy to government to nuances of daily life, usually from a scientific or mathematical point of view. I have written many stories, some translate the general point of a posts into a concrete situation.

I also post on the mind’s working (I’ve been a Mensan since 1973 and studying the mind as an interested observer) and post thoughts in Mental Construction on how neural characteristics of the brain affect our thinking. Mainly by abstraction, similarity, and association driving the non-logical aspects of our mind.

I worked in software design for thirty years, until I retired in 2010. Before that, there was a stint in the Marines, a job as a stock clerk for a data processing shop, and then college under the GI Bill. In the work force, I got trained in programming, moved up to tech analysis, and after night school at Johns Hopkins APL, shifted into software architecture and data warehousing. During those years, married with a growing family, I stuffed my ideas and projects into folders and file cabinets—for when I retired. Now, these years.

While I sit pondering, the world marches on.


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