Pondering on a rock, water burbling
Pondering on a rock, water burbling

Welcome to Burning Thoughts, the home of my writings in fiction, non-fiction, and my outlook on events that catch my interest sufficiently to goad me to formulate a response.

Recently I completed Neural Almost Gate. Connecting the neural threshold to almost matching illuminates the associative operations of the mind that supplementing logical thinking. Creativity, leaps of imagination, and induction occur by this almost matching. It’s a near miracle that creativity and logic meld for a single best response.

Boomer is a collection of related stories about the effect of the baby boom while growing up in a blacktop, urban setting.

Science fiction fed my teenage diet, as did the escapist fad of backyard fallout shelters. So it’s natural that my current project, Sea Catastrophe, has a dystopic cast. After two hundred years and twenty feet of sea level rise, the strain on society tears it into two warring fractions. Elites and Antis.

There are two main drivers of my perspective on current events. First, a scientific and mathematical outlook and second, the gap between the promises of the Declaration of Independence and the reality of twenty-first century society.

In Dare We Change? the promise of the American Dream, fair opportunity for civilized behavior, is examined. Break either half of the promise and society is damaged. What subjects must our schools teach to raise a population that serves itself and the society best? Should we consider the free market an ideal that must be strived for? Or is it a mechanism to serve society and when it falls short, we should regulate it?

Selections of my works are freely available on Burning Thoughts.

Other Sites

A double handful of my stories are available on WritingCom.

Additional posts about how we think are hosted at Mental Construction.

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