Gauzy view of a beautiful young woman with long, blonde braids

A beautiful woman seeks romance
What has he lucked into!

He presses shirt for first date
Her hair is blonde, braided, quite perfect
He wonders at her interest, tamps down hopes
If ends with disappointment, he’s not crushed.

He instinctively questions
She speaks biblical wisdom
Follows the dictates of her church,
Donates her time to those less blessed.

She mentions deacon at church
He wonders about Taylor in Planet of the Apes
But praises limitless vistas
She reminds him, God makes all prospects.

In the car, beside her poised beauty
With pink bloom on soft cheeks
He leans closer. She lifts her hand
A benediction, he imagines.

He leans back, steals a final glance.
He agrees to her request
An early end, her volunteer work
His morning job.

It shakes him.
Beautiful girl who does not attract.
Unexpected discovery!

Image created by Bing and Designer at my prompts

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