Democracy or Mobocracy

Update 4/28/2024: Populism is another term that seems to indicate rule by the majority of people, but its features are ordinary people against corrupt elite. Populists assume all people are like them and share their common interests. Institutions are scorned and discredited. Populists focus on their grievances and avoid specific policy commitments except for criticizing elites.

Update: Published Maryland M-Anation Dec. 2023

We want the people to control government, but how is that best done?

One striking contrast lies between democracy and mobocracy.

What is the difference between democracy and mobocracy? They both claim to be the voice of the people. In the United States, democracy is government by popularly elected representatives, while mobocracy is action led by the changing emotions of a crowd.


Cartoon of people voicing their opinions.

Democracy in the United States allows, in fact, thrives on debate about contentious issues, but there is a throttle on the rule of the majority. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights provide for individual rights that cannot be overturned by a vote of the majority. They also provide for the upholding of existing laws and rules and provide an avenue for their change.


Insurrectionists storming the Capitol in an attempt to stop the certification of Joe Biden's election

Mobocracy, like we saw on Jan. 6, 2021, accepts no such restraint on its actions. The mob’s passionate beliefs ignore all considerations, including the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, that counter its own driving motive.


My choice is representative democracy.

Can you cite a valid argument resting on factual grounds for favoring mobocracy?

Additional Information

Representation Must Match Votes Our democracy is state-wide, not national. State gerrymandering and the electoral college distort democratic representation.
Only People International corporations underwrite political agendas, despite their foreign interests.


Cartoon of debate. Isaac Cruikshank., Public Domain.

Mob storming the Capitol. TapTheForwardAssist, public domain, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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