Staircase of Science

Walking Up a Down Staircase

I came up with this little bit of cascading logic that you might find as provocative as I do.

  • Living people
    • Living organs
      • Living tissues
        • Living cells
          • Non-living DNA
            • Non-living organic chemicals
            • Deterministic organic reactions
          • Deterministic DNA actions
        • Deterministic cell actions
      • Deterministic tissue actions
    • Deterministic organ actions
  • Deterministic people actions
Winding Staircase, presented as a look through a castle wall
Winding Staircase

Science lost of the thread of life going down the staircase, perhaps that’s why it can’t find free will on the way up.

Science lost life in
Reductive descent
Foolish to expect
Freedom’s emergence
In science’s staircase ascent.