Once in a Lifetime Events

Rare Event

“Falling in a shower will never happen to me. It only happens to other people. The chance that it happens to me must be one in ten thousand.”

One in Ten Thousand Event

A fall in the Shower. If you shower every day, then in twenty-eight years, you’ll step into the shower more than ten thousand times. We perform innumerable, such repeated actions over the decades.

One in a Million Event

A once in a million event comes every two and one-half or three millennia. Very unlikely in your lifetime

Neighborhood Event

An isolated village

Consider a neighborhood of one thousand people, then in twenty-seven-some years, one propitious resident will win the lottery or get struck by a falling meteor. That last must be rarer than one in million, considering the billions living and nary a news story about an asteroid ending a life.

Embrace the Odds

You can expect two to three One-in-Ten-Thousand events to occur for you during your life.

Village Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

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2 thoughts on “Once in a Lifetime Events

    1. Hi, Mark. Any event you’d like to mention?
      Thankfully, running into each other at Mad City is no longer so rare. Bob

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