Why Concern Over Targeted Ads?

The concern about targeted ads, is not because they are targeted, but that presented slanted views and outright lies which can’t be tracked and countered. They can propagate unchallenged in social media with.

Advertising affects perception. Comparison of Big Mac advertised and actual. alongside similar comparisons with Whopper
Advertising affects perception

Dark Advertising

Julia Carrie Wang in The Guardian examined “The Dark Art of Political Ads.” She draws two important and general points.

Any candidate using Facebook can put a campaign message promising one thing in front of one group of voters while simultaneously running an ad with a completely opposite message in front of a different group of voters.

The ads themselves are not posted anywhere for the general public to see (this is what’s known as “dark advertising”), and chances are, no one will ever be the wiser.

Worrisome Features

For the sake of elections based on information on dark advertising must be brought into the light.


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