Thinking Dimensions

People share manners of thought, but we give different weights according to our experience and our knowledge. We place different along various thinking dimensions. This affects how we view reality as well as the decisions we make. Our dimensional favoritism is preconscious, yet it affects us daily.

Discredited phrenology uses physical markers to describe people's traits
Discredited phrenology uses physical markers
to describe people’s traits

Dualism—separate reality for soul

  • One pole—atheist
  • Opposite pole—belief in a personal god
  • Mid-way—deist, unexplained first cause

Natural State of Humans

  • One pole—man is inherently good
  • Opposite pole—man is inherently selfish
  • Mid-way—man is selfish until his survival needs have been satisfied

Blank Slate—how does man know anything?

  • One pole—know nothing at birth, experience teaches us everything
  • Opposite pole—we are born knowing things
  • Mid-way—evolution presupposes us to particular ways of thinking

Perspective positions

  • Evolution—from randomness or by design
  • Free will or determinism
  • Is man necessary for reality to exist?
  • Does God exist?
    • Do souls exist?
    • Do religious people believe their soul is independent of material world
  • How does consciousness relate to the soul?
    • If not tied together, where does consciousness come from?
  • Are there moral absolutes?
    • From God or man’s evolution or moral theory
  • Is abortion wrong?
    • At what point do natural rights arise?
  • Aesthetics—form or function

Everyone’s sensible, but we disagree.

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