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A sphere has 14% of its volume in its crust. A hypersphere of dim 19, has 62% of its volume in its crust.

Religion Science and Free Will

Religion, a belief in spirits beyond this world, doesn’t address directly free will. Some religions actively promote a belief in free will; others actively deny free will. Science, a belief that every event in the world is ultimately explainable, denies free will. Humanism is a free will mid-way position. Explanations are available but they can…

Supernatural, Natural, and Humanistic

Supernatural, belief in existence beyond the observable world, is critical to belief in God. Natural, belief that all beings and events in the world are completely explainable by measurable facts of the world. Humanism, belief that humans have free will which allows them to start new paths of events.

In the Year 2525

Nasa photo of Halley's Comet in 1986

The cicadas last appeared in 2004 and return every 17 years.
Halley’s Comet last appeared in 1986 and returns every 76 years.
In what year must man be alive to hear the cicadas and see Halley

Philosophy and Science

I knew that ‘Principles of Psychology’ by William James was an important book in psychology. He takes philosophical ideas about mentality and transitions them into psychological ideas that can be tested. Since I often see disputes that hinge on the difference between philosophic vs. scientific approaches, I thought it worth noting how one important section…

Quantum Effect

The half-life of a radioactive element is a consequence of a quantum disintegration that has statistical validity, although with the inability to say anything about an individual nucleus.