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Science and math issues that draw my interest and effort.

Taste and Nutrition

My wife says, how can I know chemistry and be so indifferent when it comes to nutrition. Well, here’s a little interesting intersection. Salty. Indicates minerals. Eat ‘um Sour. Indicates acids. Be careful, can indicate rotten Bitter. Indicates alkalines. Be careful, many plant poisons are alkalines Sweet. Indicates sugars. Carbohydrates for energy. Eat ‘um Savory.…

Survival of the Fittest

We all know the expression “survival of the fittest” which Herbert Spencer coined, as much for its use in social discussions as in natural selection. The better expression is “propagation of the most fertile.” It’s more faithful to Darwin’s work. It’s the subsequent generations of the most fertile that benefit by increasing numbers, rather than…

Truth or Utility

What does science know about reality? Since science works from particulars, how can it claim to give universal truths? I think of science as a collection of ideas, organizing empirical facts. That is, scientific laws are contingent on what facts we have. They are to be measured, in my opinion, not by their truth, but…

Black Hole Derivation

Schwarzchild radius

I was fiddling around with a particle accelerating to the speed of light in a gravitational field and arrived at the Schwarzchild radius. A nice surprise 24 years ago.