Subjectivity or Objectivity

Subjectivity or objectivity: It drives me crazy that people think they must choose only one. Actually both have a role. When you talk about past events you can speak of objectivity. When you speak of explanations and future projections, then you are entering the realm of subjectivity.

What did the US win in Iraq? That’s in the past. Can we give an objective answer?
Sometimes, but not always. We asking for an evaluation. That depends on the metric you use.

Metric: Sadaam Hussein to be deposed. Elemental fact. True
Metric: Remove threat of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Elemental fact. Vacuously true, because there were no none to remove.

Metric: Make the US safer. Composite fact. Has auxiliary assumptions. Validity depends on a person’s viewpoint

  • What about Beltway snipers? Remember white powder in mail envelopes! Weren’t they acts of terror?
  • Interpretation of Ft. Hood incident. Was that a decrease in the threat?
  • Other plots against US thwarted by separate US internal efforts, not action in Iraq. Terrorist cells in Buffalo, etc
  • London subways and Madrid trains. That didn’t happen in the US, so it’s not germane.
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