Covid World Counts

You could drown in a flood of Covid-19 statistics. Here’s a calm tidal pool of world data taken seven months apart, highlighting five points.

Data gathered from the Worldmeter site.

2021.03.19 Covid Statistics Sorted by New Cases
COVID-19 new cases
2020.08.19 Covid Statistics Sorted by New Cases

Now versus Seven Months Ago

  • Around the world, each day now brings almost twice as many new cases as last August
  • In the USA, each day brings 50% more new cases than last summer. One ray of sunshine is the number dying has stayed steady (1258 now, 1263 then).
  • Among large countries, Brazil is in the direst situation. Its density of new cases is twice that of the USA. Each day more than 400 new cases/million/day come down with Covid-19. Seven months ago Brazil was second in new cases per days. Then its new case rate was 228.
  • Not all shown in snapshots, but notable
    • Italy (not shown in snapshots) has about the same new case rate as Brazil.
    • Brazil’s new case rate is exceeded in Poland by fifty percent. Not shown on the table other extremely high new case rates are found in Estonia (1300), Hungary (1100), and Czech Republic (1000.)
    • Mexico severely undertests, leading to new case undercount in their country. They have the 3rd highest daily death count, yet their new cases are 20th among nations. Their tests/million is 157th among countries of the world.


Where will we be in October, 2021, seven months from now? Children safely in schools; moms and dads safe in work environments; dinners and movie dates back on the calendar?

The big question is: Will enough people get the vaccines to silence the disease?

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2 thoughts on “Covid World Counts

  1. An interesting comparison, Bob. So many people have told me recently that they are refusing the vaccine. To me, getting the covid vaccine is not just an isolated, individual choice, like getting the annual flu shot. There is an element of obligation to our fellow humans in making the covid vaccine choice.

    1. I agree, Mary. Thankfully, I don’t hear many around here saying they won’t get vaccines.

      The more new Covid-19 cases, the greater chance of new variants, prolonging the danger of casual contact at home, work, and play.

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