Writing 2019

Cover of Sep 2019 Maryland Mensa M-Anation showing jugglers in front of tents for my story, "Another Ball in the Air"
  • Published. 3 stories and 2 essays in Maryland Mensa M-Anation
  • Mental Construction web site. Ready for ePub
    • Revised 45 pages
    • Wrote 13 new posts
    • Used Blog2Print for nice printed book of 35 posts (100 pages)
  • Burning Thoughts blog site. Wrote 20 posts
  • Fiction. Wrote 4 stories.
    • Rough drafts of 3 more
    • New fiction technique. Scenes structure with beats
  • Joined Writers Dot Com. Wrote 80 reviews. Received 50 reviews
  • Quora answers had 43 thousand views
  • Read 25 books and posted book snapshots in Goodreads

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