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Louisa May Alcott

Reading has always brought me pleasure, but I came to enjoy writing only after many years. It fascinates me how writers came to their calling. On Amazon Prime the other night, I watched the American Masters biographical documentary of Louisa May Alcott. She was much different and more complex than my imaginings. Her history was…

Magazines and Anthologies with Short Stories

I noticed the other day when I posted a snapshot of ‘Buffalo Girls’ that it was the first novel I’d read in 4 months. After I finished scolding myself, I recalled that I’d taken a short story appreciation class in Aug and Sep and had continued on in that vein for awhile.

Festival at Thurmont

The bright streamers seemed pennants of aristocratic families and fair beauties. Local peasants hawked their handiworks, made in the dim light of the fireside, after long hours of hard labor on their master’s domain. The lab morphed into a palomino, lead by Lady Rowena. The tournament at Ashby would begin if the weather cleared.

Story or Essay

Diem Perdidi by Julie Otsuka

It’s a good example of the difference to a reader between a story and an essay. Ms. Otsuka could have described the mother in either style.