Muslim US Immigration and Islamic Civil War

If Muslims want to flee their war-torn countries and contribute to the growth of the United States, shouldn’t we allow and encourage such migration?

No one (except other terrorists) believe we should allow immigration of likely terrorists into our country, but we should allow immigration of vetted Muslims. The question arises in the interpretation of likely terrorists, which depends on having the appropriate information at hand.

Our mass media (NY Times, Fox, Washington Post, Huffington Post, etc) should present a running total showing  terrorist violence to date. It would show that terrorism results primarily from the Islamic Civil War.

Sunni and Shia in a tug-of-war

The Sunni (ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Humas, Muslim Brotherhood) and the Shia (Iran, Hezbollah) are killing each other in suicide bombings and mass murders. At times, the factions involved find it useful to distract their own populations from their failures by targeting Western sites.

The week I assembled this chart in mid-2016, there was a violent terrorism attack in the West, yet the preponderance of terrorism occurred in the Middle East.

Chart. Most terrorism attacks are in Muslim countries

A table like this, perhaps adding columns for home-grown and foreign-born terrorists would be a useful guide in assessing threats.

The likelihood of an attack in the West could then be assessed as we assess other life-threatening events, such as gun violence, car accidents, and the grave illnesses.

Arab Governments and Terrorists
Home-Grown Terrorists


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