Home-Grown Terrorists and Islamic Civil War

We need to stop the easy conversion of Muslims born or raised in America and Europe from turning to terrorism. We have no slogan, no bumper sticker logic, to counteract the allure of the radical Islamic call to fatwa against the demon West.

We need a baseline statistic and a slogan that stops that spiraling lost of contact with reality that Western radicalized Muslims fall victim to.

Three steps are essential (more are needed).

Islamic Civil War
  1. Our mass media should present a running box, as above table, showing the terrorist violence by location and target. That shows that it is primarily an Islamic Civil War. The Western world is an
    1. The Sunnis (ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Humas, Muslim Brotherhood) and the Shias (Iran, Hezbollah) are killing each other in suicide bombings and mass murders. It seems every day there is a bombing in Baghdad, Pakistan, Turkey, somewhere in the Middle East.
    2. The West is a convenient scapegoat for both sides in the Islamic Civil War to point at. The Shias and Sunnis must distract their people from realizing, that despite oil riches, their countries have been very poorly managed. That is the source of the economic malaise which provides little opportunity for their next generation, even when they are educated.
  2. Using principles of Realpolitik, Western Europe and the US supported strong men who used methods contrary to our fundamental beliefs. These strong men put down strife with violent reprisals. These abused sects easily rouse their followers against not only the other sect, but against the West.
    1. Western nations need to change their stance towards Islamic countries. We need to support their self-determination, yet also make clear that their extremist policies will not be allowed into our nations.
  3. A few slogans to try out while we search for better that promote our vision and do so with truth.
    1. Islamic Civil War between Sunni and Shia extremists
    2. West supports Sunni and Shia, but not extremists
    3. Suicide bombers lead the Islamic Civil War
Sunni and Shia in a tug-of-war

Muslim US Immigration and Islamic Civil War

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3 thoughts on “Home-Grown Terrorists and Islamic Civil War

  1. The attack on the Egyptian mosque, 285 dead, has returned the civil war aspects of Islamic terrorism to the forefront. Bloomberg added this today (https://www.bloomberg.com/view/articles/2017-11-24/muslims-are-often-the-first-victims-of-muslim-terrorists)

    “Shiite militias responded to these attacks by meting out random terror on the Sunni minorities in Iraq with death squads, at times abetted by the state’s interior ministry. The killing is not limited to Iraq. Civil wars in Lebanon, Syria and Yemen have increasingly pitted Islamist extremists against one another.”

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