Gas Explosion and Speed of Recovery

Two years ago, a townhouse in Columbia was devastated when a gas leak led to an explosion. A few days later I went over and got these before rebuilding back images.

Recent hurricane disasters got me to think about a local disaster. What is the speed of recovery from a small-scale disaster?

Before Rebuilding

The explosion, about 7 p.m., destroyed 2 townhouses completely and damaged several more considerably. Pieces of debris still littered the neighborhood.

Speed of Recovery

Finally earlier this year—a year and a half after the explosion—reconstruction was started. The other day I saw the replacement houses were under roof, although not ready yet for habitation.

Probably two years before the replacement townhouses are ready for occupancy. Such is the speed (or lack thereof) for an isolated problem. Unfortunately, that is magnified when the disaster is widespread, with multiple communities are competing for the same rebuilding resources.

It will take two years for a section of townhouses to recover from a gas explosion. It should not surprise us that national disasters can require decades to complete their recovery.


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