Education K-12 Minimum Goals

It takes some hubris to suggest changing in education K-12 with 3 million teachers working their best in the field, but K-12 education is not doing well. Also I want to understand more clearly the conflict between Trump’s Secretary of Education and public school systems.

General education, kindergarten through 12th grade, should develop all students in three areas.

Individual Development

Reaching for the stars. Young girl seeming limitless possibilities

Reaching for the stars

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Working together for the common good. Citizenship metaphor of people on different stripes of the flag individually and jointly progressing

Working together for the common good

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Employable Skills

First job may be very basic, like getting and carrying coffee for six members of a team

First job may be very basic


Goals in these areas should be the first guide for selection of courses a student must take and master.

Individual Development. Be all you can be

  • Develop the student to the level the student is capable and desirous of
  • Learn individual responsibility and accepting consequences
  • Household management and balancing a personal budget
  • Learn discussion skills that allow the student to express his or her opinion as well as listen to other’s opinions when they disagree

Citizenship. Be an asset to the community

  • Understand the rights of others
  • Master conflict resolution
  • Learn laws and the Constitution

Employable Skills. Be capable of supporting self

  • Read and write basic English
  • Add, subtract, multiple, and divide.
  • Follow step-by-step instructions

In another post I will go into the implications for the curriculum. Individual development and citizenship will require additional coursework.

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