Education. Goals, Achievements, and Measurements

The education cluster of posts starts with the goals of general education, then focuses on needed high school curriculum changes to encourage education through graduation, and completes with data showing the relationship between final education, financial well-being, and social relationships.

Primary school students with their teacher
Primary school students with their teacher

Education Goals As education increases, Might Makes Right becomes eclipsed by reasoning in solving disputes.

Two Methods of Learning Both deduction (academics) and induction (creativity) are essential to learning.

Handful of High School Curriculum Changes Two goals, Individual Development and Citizenship, are not as well met as preparing for employment is.

High School Graduation Rate Closely related to future financial success and social adjustment.

High School and Success Types of jobs by final education with average salaries necessary information for understanding one’s likely future depending on the stopping point of education.

Unemployment Rate by Schooling The hard fact: fewer years in school, fewer employment opportunities available at lower salaries.

Social Contract If a person has no opportunity, is it a surprise they resort to crime?

Marciliorezende, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


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