Complicated Thought

It surprised me to realize that there is a second way in which thoughts can be complicated. Complicated thoughts being those that require intense concentration to understand.

Many Inputs to Function

The typical way that I label thoughts as complicated occurs when there are many variables to consider simultaneously for an important problem to be understood.

One function, many inputs
Multiple inputs make determining result difficult

Multistep Process

If only one or two variables are consider at a time, in times past I wouldn’t call it complicated. However, once I realized when there are multiple simple steps in a process, the process itself could still be difficult to comprehend, because of the number of steps.

Multistep Process
A lengthy chain of simple actions can be as hard to keep straight as a short complex action

Since words are the tools of linguistic thought, defining the second meaning of complex gives me pleasure.

Math and Science Affect my Thinking
Limited Working Memory

Mental Aspects Thought Modes

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