Caveat Citizen

Since the Great Cleansing
All regulations removed by government
Caveat Citizen.

Adulterated foodstuffs
Merely the efforts of honest businessmen to make a profit
Caveat Citizen.

Lawyers can no longer use credulous victims
To harass innocent enterprises
Caveat Citizen.

Take a mortgage
Seventeen pages of protection
Caveat Citizen.

Ambient radiations cause no cancer
In houses alert
Caveat Citizen.

Now the corporations have been freed
To be great citizens

Text of the 14th Amendment defines citizens as people

Corporate Citizens do not fit the constitutional definition. They should not be granted pseudo-citizenry rights for political activities.

Image of 14th Amendment in the public domain, Wikicommons


2 thoughts on “Caveat Citizen

    1. I was not addressing everything in government in the poem. National defense, for instance, would still exist. I am against the Mommy State, but this poem exposes what the rabid advocates of government deregulation could let loose.
      If I am missing your point, please elaborate.

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