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Why Lockdown?

Empty access road to airport on a fine dau for flying

1/3 of worldwide cases. 1/4 worldwide deaths, with just 1/25 of the world’s population.
Not the numbers of a successful handling of the pandemic.

Treasury Interest Rates

Have you noticed the headlines and blurbs about the inversion occurring in Treasury rates? The information usually has a warning that rate inversion could signal a potential recession. That’s wisdom worth heeding, but for anyone who has bond funds what is the impact of these falling rates? One rule of thumb is that a medium-term…

It’s the truth, but …

Many aspects, not all germane

How can telling the truth not benefit decision-making? When a selective truth is told, with many similar truths never mentioned, listeners readily make associations to displayed traits that may not be germane to the truth told. This facility of personal learning is natural and occurs across all thinking. It is the reason that sins of…

Political Omens

George W. Bush, President 2001-2009

In organizing old files, this fictional memo from 2008 surprised me with its political omens. Dateline: Dec. 31, 2099 George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States of America, has been selected Man of the Century by Big Brother

Trump’s Impeachable Offenses

It’s important that impeachment discussions focus on the most glaring offenses. Otherwise his supporters can ignore the major, respond to the minor, and in sum claim that impeachment is just sour grapes by anti-Trumpers. What are Trump’s Impeachable Offenses? Ignoring the Constitution. He is not king, but must honor the separation of powers and treat…