Washington Square

Washington SquareWashington Square by Henry James
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I selected Washington Square for diversion with an edifying thread. Unfortunately, it was a tragedy. Caroline did not overcome her weakness and her father indulged his pessimistic opinion of his daughter rather than supporting her.

On the other hand, the novel was told by an omniscient narrator which showed me its utility, descriptive compression with a distinct veracity.

Reading this on a Kindle allowed very easy highlighting and notes. I will list a few.
1.) “It must be confessed that fortune had favored him, and that he had found the path to prosperity very soft to his tread.” I like the balanced, thorough, and threaded explanation of who he is and how he is seen.
2.) “not at all jealous of Aunt Lavinia, but she was a little envious”. Here, James separates the meanings of jealous and envious in a way that trickery difference is clear.
3) “It’s a great pleasure to be in the right.” A tragedy. Her father prefers to be right with his daughter unhappy than wrong with his daughter happy.

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