Two Campaign and Four Process Changes

The difficult campaign and election that we went through last year revealed that changes are needed. Both candidates declined to give important information. Various forms of interference occurred for which no Constitutional redress exists.

Constitutional Amendment

People sitting around a large table counting votes by hand

We need an amendment to nullify any election when the effect of fraud and foreign interference is greater than the margin of victory.

As it is, the deck is very much stacked in favor of whomever assumes the office of the presidency. The repeated dismissal of people investigating the matter cannot fail to put pressure on the next appointee to make the next decisions favorable to the sitting president.

Therefore, the disputed victor should not be allowed to take office.

Would this amendment be hard to write and achieve? Yes, but no harder nor less important than the 25th Amendment covering the situation when the Vice President takes over because the President is disabled.

Health Records

Words like Facts, Fiction, and Deception Interlinked
Fact Checking

Physical and mental exams should be required and made public.They should include the candidate’s prognosis for the term of the office, the next four years.

The content of the health and psychological exams to be used would be decided by medical professionals.

Will there be arguments and disputes? Yes. Is anything worthwhile easy?

Financial Issues

It should be a requirement that

  • Income tax returns revealed. Voters need to be able to assess the distinction between what a candidate says and how the candidate actually acts.
  • All investments and financial interest must be put in a blind trust during their presidency. Besides the danger of dealing themselves favors, the President should be focused 100% on the United States interests, with a minimal distraction of side interests.

All Important Advisors Must Be Approved

Appointing volunteers to positions as important advisors that, if paid would require vetting and Senate approval, should be subject to the same approval regime. The country deserves no less scrutiny of those volunteers than it does for paid professionals.

Graphs of steps that important advisors go through in Senatorial approval
Senate Confirmation Steps

Some people will read this post and laugh, saying I’m idealistic. Be that as it may, because no matter how fraught with difficulties these proposals may be, they are certainly less than those the founding fathers faced when they wrote the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. With that in mind, consider the above suggestions.


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