Terrorism Target

Muslim extremists target the West. That’s the background idea in many conversations. That’s not right.

The other day, I pulled the latest comprehensive terrorism statistics for Jan 2018. I summarized the data.

Here’s a bullet point summary.

  • Terrorism in US. 1 dead. 0 wounded. Neo-Nazi. Terrorism in Europe. 1 dead. 4 wounded.
  • Total Terrorism. 768 dead. 1305 wounded.
  • Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Eqypt, Yemen, Somali, Mali. 687 dead. 1118 wounded
    • Iraqi Civil War. 69 dead. 167 wounded
    • Syria Civil War. 35 dead. 72 wounded.
    • Israeli-Palestinian, Sinai. 4 dead. 9 wounded

The vast majority of terrorism occurs in Muslim countries. It reflects their internal  struggles. It’s terrifying, but terrorism against the West is a tool in the internal Muslim struggle.

Some Muslim leaders scapegoat the US and Western Europe to their people to deflect their attention from their poor management and the lack of economic prospects for their coming generations.

Terrorism statistics show that the great preponderance of destructive energy of the Muslim countries is directed internally rather than outwardly.



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