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MindWorks and Internal Worldview

MindWorks book cover

I always look for new angles to understand how the mind works. When Mark Gorkin (@stressdoc) mentioned that MindWorks uses beliefs, thoughts, and feelings to build its internal worldview, I knew I needed to read it.

Culture Origins

Figure 1. Man against nature without culture

Culture is the collection of fossilized behavioral solutions of our cultural ancestors that we have adopted. They support the continuation of society.

MATLAB Excursion

MATLAB Excursion into Neural Networks

My MATLAB excursion, followed a break with a week in the White Mountains and another week at Old Orchard Beach. I found it hard to get directly back to editing my Mental Construction (MC) web site.       Hardware Search To ease back into thinking about neural network processing in the brain, I searched…

Unintended Consequences

It’s sadly funny that conservatives can imagine the most bizarre unintended consequences of government actions (e.g. death panels) yet they think that the unintended consequences of their speeches (don’t retreat, reload; 2nd amendment remedies) is an abomination of sense that mustn’t be countenanced.


I was thinking to do a poll Is the leaker of WikiLeaks a hero or a villain? Then I thought People on the left will call him a hero People on the right will call him a villain Then I thought People on the left are supposed to believe in big government. They should be…

Cost of Tea II

The Tea Party logic that we go from a high government cost to a low government cost overlooks the transition costs. All the social contract based on the current government structure will be affected. That contract includes current government employment, level playing field for investors, retirement plans based on social security and medicare, education, energy…

Jobs Growth

Finally, we’re getting some jobs growth again. 151,000 in October. From the demographic data, we know that 60,000 are needed to absorb natural population growth. That leaves 90,000 to reduce unemployment. That’s 6 years to make up the 6 million lost in this Great Recession – at this rate.