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Martian Ethics

Diagram Questions occur, are weighed, make, then assessed

Normally, when I read a book, I try to make a few notes to remind myself of my reactions to the contents—otherwise, my reactions seep into my general mindset and I have little recollection where they came from. And more importantly, when the book comes up in a discussion, I’ll remember I read it, but…

MATLAB Excursion

MATLAB Excursion into Neural Networks

Data clustering, the organizing of data spontaneously, defines the essence of a person’s unique understanding of reality. Data categorization is the method of learning societal mores and standards and most academic learning. Both are essential, but clustering leads to personal, creative perspectives while categorization teaches prearranged relationships.

Live by the Word

Facts are surrounded by words

Trump’s new explanation for an event that earlier earned a denial implies that truth is now hidden under words which overweight the fact with an interpretation.