Salamander Stew

Bowl of soup with potatoes, carrots, and other ingredients

Nambo, the 6187th, set aside his art module and a bowl of tasty stew.  He arose from a pleasant reverie aboard the starship, Polaris, happy to soon experience yet another world.

The Solar City customs agent stared smugly at Nambo. “What do you have to declare upon your entrance to the galaxy’s most advanced civilization?”

A certain perverseness surfaced in the tired, long-traveling Nambo.  “A head full of the tracings of Alaric and a belly full of the finest salamander stew.”

It was a long revolution of humankind’s first planet before Nambo found the reason for his imprisonment. The charge was murder. He had participated in the murder of a living creature, a salamander.

The punishment for urodelacide: eternal imprisonment.

Image: Abbeyvet in Color[CC BY 2.5 (]

Sci Fi

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