Obama The Good, the Bad, and the Uglies

President Obama
President Barack Obama is photographed during a presidential portrait sitting for an official photo in the Oval Office, Dec. 6, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
  • Good
    • Avoided Great Depression II
    • Got us out of Iraq. Got Osama bin Laden
    • Obamacare.  Covering many more people
  • Bad
    • Drones, assassins of the sky without proper oversight
    • NSA snooping on US citizens
    • Wish Obama would have declared victory when bin Laden was killed and exited Afghanistan.
    • Obamacare.  Gave up on single payer which would have roped in unfettered cost increases imposed by independent medical providers.  Allowed states to decide whether to expand Medicaid coverage or not.
  • Ugly
    • He was going to close Gitmo. Never done.
    • Obamacare.  Inoperative web site at launch.  Misleading citizens by claiming they could keep any healthcare they had if they liked it.
  • Ugly in opponents
    • Making Obama fail more important than helping the country
    • Not allowing votes on legislation that could pass with bipartisan votes, because their favored position would lose.
  • Ugly in extreme supporters and opponents
    • Believing that they have the one true truth and the other side is evil incarnate.  Compromise is a betrayal of their truth (rather than a recognition that reality is multidimensional and beyond a single ism).
    • Repeating every disagreement they have so that citizens, only hear of government ineptitude.

Obama Official White House Photo by Pete Souza – P120612PS-0463 (direct link), Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org


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