Political Omens

In organizing my old files, this fictional memo from 2008 surprised me with its political omens.

Dateline: Dec. 31, 2099

George W. Bush, 43rd President of the United States of America, has been selected Man of the Century by Big Brother’s Ministry of Truth. 

George W. Bush, President 2001-2009
George W. Bush, President 2001-2009

Mr. Bush took government to its next logical step.  Under his watch, government of the people, by the people, and for the people completed its transformation to government above the people, beyond the people, and for the corporation.

Among his many accomplishments that forwarded the power of government were:

  • Elevation of the executive branch to its current position of primacy and completion of the destruction of the balance of power.
  • His War on Terror with the wonderful catch phrase: Osama bin Laden–Wanted Dead or Alive.
  • He so mastered the media that anything the President said became official truth.
  • Morphed the war on terrorism into political authority to allow the removal of any foreign leader he found repugnant.
  • Erased the assumption of innocence for non-citizens, by the shrewd use of terrorism fear. Later extended to all citizens.
  • Ingenious assertion of executive privilege making any action the president automatically legal.  Every president since has applauded his wonderful lemma of “once president always immune” from US statutes.
  • He also strengthened the presidency by making political correctness more important than skill, shown best in his appointments and executive instructions.  The extirpation of politically unfavored views from the governmental apparatus went a long way to establishing the current Elected King government.

Image of George W. Bush in public domain from wikimedia.com


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