Evaluating Trump – A Baker Dozen Questions


  1. Do you care that his economic proposals will increase the national debt by trillions?
  2. Do you believe that his proposed change in trade policies will restore manufacturing jobs lost in prior decades rather than start a tariff war hurting all countries?


  1. Does his habit of grade school verbal insults, instead of answering questions, bother you?
  2. Do you think his valuing women largely by their looks is a positive trait?
  3. Do you think he has the temperament to make foreign policy decisions affecting the future of our nation?
  4. Do you ignore his false statements, like Jersey City Muslims were filmed celebrating the disaster of 9/11?


  1. Do you believe that Trump is a limited government conservative?
  2. Do you agree that the judge of Mexican heritage is not really an American?
  3. Do you agree that all Muslims should be forbidden entrance to the country, because a handful have been violent?


  1. Do you care that he only has experience giving orders to underlings and no experience working together for the common good?
  2. Do you ignore the lawsuits filed against him by a wide range of small businesses he contracted with?
  3. Do you believe that a man who has, by his adulteries, broken up several families has the morality needed to the lead our country?

Bonus Question

  1. Do you think that Trump’s many years of questioning Obama’s US citizenship was a legitimate concern or actually an insight into Trump’s view of who is a legitimate American?

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