Do you worry about unintended consequences of Trump’s single-thread solutions?

Update 2015 political thoughts

Trump has three main threads as I see it. He stresses different aspects at different times, always emphasizing that his skill, rather that details, that will overcome obstacles that doubters pose.

  • Internal security. Build a wall; anti-Black-Lives-Matter; non-whites must prove their Americanism.
    • Wall not built. Unfortunately, non-whites needing to prove Americanism accomplished.
  • Foreign policy. MidEast, let Putin do it or bomb the shit out of them.
    • Putin has the lead. The US has given up leadership/
  • Economic populism. Change the tax code to eliminate hedge fund managers as a too low rate
    • The tax code bill did not do that. It reduced the rates on corporations and individuals … with borrowed money from future generations (deficit financed).

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