Cultural Changes and Political Affiliation

United States culture is splitting into two subcultures.  The mass media promote a new cultural regime, while Fox News, Breitbart and Alt-Right insist on historical cultural norms.

As part of the my writing about the development stages of the human mind, I stumbled into an aspect of political distinction that others may find interesting. After referencing the maturation of the decision-making portions of the prefrontal brain by the late 20s, I observe the consequences.

Language and culture play an ongoing role [in decision-making]. Although they have already laid a groundwork of beliefs (categories and relationships), they continue to be a potent force for maintenance (or disintegration) of the facts that you shape your internal worldview.

For example mass media has changed on its acceptance of homosexuality, marijuana, unmarried mothers, and atheism. American culture is no longer monolithic. Republican and Democrats—right and left—have a different set of responses to those position shifts. Republicans mainly reject the cultural changes, while Democrats mainly accept them.

Of course, I’m simplifying, not considering all the citizens; but isn’t it interesting that the demarcation between the parties is starkly given by these few issues?

The USA map as a flag. Multiple colors but one flag

The USA map. multiple colors


Will we end up with two or more separate cultures inhabiting the same land?

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