Crime and Order

Chalk outline of a victim roped off by police tap

Crime is the enemy of order and society’s goals (Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness)

Much crime is caused by lack of opportunity in legal pursuits. poverty and unemployment.

American Dream “Life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement regardless of social class or circumstances of birth.” James Truslow Adams 1931

show-hide Distinction between crime and sin.

Crime Arises from Three Major Sources

Lack of employment income

No belief in legit prospects and poor skills, sometimes with a side of attitude

Lack of respect for others

Never learned at  home, neighborhood, or school.

This includes police officers who treat legitimate protesters as criminals and esp. renegade officers who use excessive force on unarmed suspects.

These actions are Wild West vigilantism. The police do not trust the justice system to hold criminals sufficiently liable, leading to this equivalency—one less criminal means many fewer crimes.

Painfully obvious flaws are police officers cannot read your soul from the look on your face; innocent people wouldn’t be around crime area (like it’s a choice); and one’s assertion of a shred of dignity does not threaten the social fiber and does not demand maximum response with deathly force.

Personal greed outpacing legitimate salary

Corporate and white-collar crime. They range from piddling supplies out of the office cabinet to bilking millionaires and even humping fees on millions of a guy named Roth. Unless you happened to run into a company named Enron rivaled by a guy named Bernie, Madoff, that is.

Historical analysis conducted at the end of WWII with concern over veterans returning numb to killing and often with guns. American Historical Association.

What Causes Crime, in Is a Crime Wave Coming? (1946)

  • One major discovery has been that virtually all of us form our moral standards from those with whom we come into closest contact during our formative years. We behave as do the people we like and admire, because we are eager to have their respect.
  • It cannot be emphasized too strongly that in spite of these temptations, the vast majority of slum children grow up to be decent, law-abiding citizens. It must likewise be admitted that criminals do occur among all classes of society
  • Poverty and the slum life which it causes are not the only sources of crime. Sometimes lack of intelligence or a disordered mind is responsible. Sometimes the emotional life of an individual is warped by conflicts, the nature of which we do not yet fully understand.


K-12. For degree, less emphasis on academic achievement, more on development of personal abilities, relationships in society, and employable skills

  • Not the history of those damn British monarchs or a semester in algebraic geometry or balancing chemical equations
  • But how much does that cost (aka I gotta work 15 hours to buy that very nice dishwasher you want), to fantasy fulfillment, talking to understand your mate’s irritation, and job position expectation (only college-bound students who will need many courses, not required for high school diploma though near-mandatory for college-bound students.

Fair Opportunity

Fair Opportunity. A full-time job demands a salary sufficient to support one person. It is an error to try to support a family on a job only capable of supporting a single person. Which jobs can support what lifestyles needs to be taught in the ninth and tenth grades.

  • If you finish the K-12 curriculum, you are guaranteed an apprentice slot in your diploma field.
    • Businesses and associations can earn tax credits when they add a new job for a diploma holder. Also because businesses benefit from an improved workforce, they are assessed an annual fee/tax for the benefit of that education system.
  • You will have studied the relationship between your field, typical income, type of lifestyle the salary supports.
  • Crime comes in when a person tries to scam the relationships, like a fancier lifestyle than his salary supports.

As this pandemic and economic dislocations has shown, many employees in essential services and positions are paid too little, minimum wage.

  • Minimum wage for teenagers and supplemental workers governing part-time job wages must meet the federal poverty limit. $8.51 per hour
  • Minimum wage for full-time employees (> 30 hr/wk) should be some measured amount above the federal poverty limit of $8.51 per hour.
  • Employers should be penalized if their lowest paid employees add mandatory healthcare and support programs to the public cost
  • Middle class employees can expect to make (and need) $68,700 per year. $35.78 per hour

Order and Society’s Goals

Group of humans, enough for a community

With the next generation of K-12 better trained in developing all their life style skills, with a greater understanding of their relationship to society, and more honed work skills, we can expect a reduction of crime. Not just on the street but in the boardroom and from nameless white-collar workers who wield more power than they feel their pay compensates them for.

With the improved skilled workforce, the United States economy will flourish under the stimulus of fixing and managing the ecology of our piece of the planet.

Life, Liberty, and Happiness The goals of the United States.

Chalk outline of a victim. Image on Unsplash by j4p4n, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons
Enron Logo of the infamous energy company which exploded by Paul Rand, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Stock chart of Enron’s nosedive which bloodied many noses from Nehrams2020, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Image of Community Harmony. Photo by on Unsplash by Omar Lopez

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