Patrick Hamill

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Patrick Hamill

The founding member of our branch of the Hamill clan to come to the United States. Patrick Hamill (b. Apr. 15, 1781, Ballymena, Ulster, Northern Ireland, d. Mar. 23, 1818, Swanton, western Maryland)


Mary Morrison (m. May 4, 1805)


James M. Hamill Mary Hamill Nancy Hamill
Henry O. Hamill Patrick Hamill II Henry J Hamill

Extracted from The Historical and Biographical Sketch of the Hamill Family

Patrick Hamill, I., was born at Ballymena, Ireland, April 15, 1781. The early Hamills appear to have come of the native celtic black-haired Irish, a characteristic of the family of this day.

Patrick Hamill, I., arrived at the port of Baltimore in 1803. The young immigrant taught school until he arrived at Westernport where he met and married Mary, daughter of James Morrison, in 1805. She was born in Baltimore October 27, 1786. His wife inherited slaves and land so Patrick became a gentleman farmer on a farm above the Franklin mines near Westernport. This farm was underlaid with coal mined years ago leaving today acres of sunken places in the old fields. In the census of 1810, Patrick Hamill is listed in District No. l as head of a family of four with two slaves. The Hamill family moved to the Henry Ingman farm on the Green Glade now near the head of Deep Creek Lake. The farm was a voting place of District No. 1 for many years and also a tavern or inn along the state road leading from Westernport to the state line near Aurora, West Virginia. Here the pioneer Hamill died, March 23, 1818 and here his remains rest in an unmarked grave. Mrs Hamill survived her husband until September 12, 1862. She is buried in the Morrison graveyard between Westernport and Barton.

Children of Patrick and Mary Hamill are

  James M., born May 7, 1807, married Fannie Downey, lived near Westernport;
  Mary, born November 14, 1809, married Jesse Michael, Westernport;
  Nancy, born September 4, 1811, married Henry Hamill;
  Henry O., born January 31, 1815, married Mary Ann Price, daughter of William and Eleanor Price;
  Patrick Hamill, born April 28, 1817, married Isabel,daughter of Enoch and Annie Kight.

Patrick I., and brother, Hugh, were students at Trinity College, Dublin and were Revolutionists under Robert Emmett. In 1798 Patrick came to America and Hugh went to France and was never heard of again. It was the supposition that he joined Napolean. Many of the United Irish found refuge in America in 1798 and 1803. Among them were ancestors of the Hamill family who became confirmed Democrats.

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