Words float through my head

Words float through my head
Impossible to silence
Whatever happened yesterday, if only I had done this
Over-and-over the refrain of a morning song repeats deep inside
Tomorrow will be busy, must relax this afternoon

Walk to the park, see the birds and people
Feel the gentle breeze
Whiff the scent of honeysuckle and picnics
String my fingers through the tall strands of wild grass
Yet my mind echoes those earlier thoughts – if only
Song words that descend from rhythm to pounding simplicity

A Frisbee floats on a breeze not far from me
I run, grab it, and send it back to distant catcher
Who returns it with zip
I do the like
The throws become a lengthy exchange

Until the sun enters the thin curtain of a weeping willow
The Frisbee friend waves goodbye
I walk home.

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