Trump’s Impeachable Offenses

It’s important that impeachment discussions focus on the most glaring offenses. Otherwise his supporters can ignore the major, respond to the minor, and in sum claim that impeachment is just sour grapes by anti-Trumpers.

What are Trump’s Impeachable Offenses?

  • Ignoring the Constitution. He is not king, but must honor the separation of powers and treat the other branches as their Constitutional powers dictate. Three Items
    • He and his admin must support Congressional investigations.
    • They must honor court subpoenas.
    • He must respect free speech for everyone, not just himself.
      • People who criticize him are exercising free speech.
      • Dissent is not fake speech, but free speech.

  • Placing his business interests before those of the people of the United States. Rejecting negative information about Russia and Saudi Arabia, relying on his long history with them while refusing the details of his business entanglements with them.
  • Encouraging foreign interference in our elections. Remember

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