Thoughts that I Want to Draw More Meaning From

Thoughts come and go during the day.  Some I’d like to know more about.

  • Income Inequality.  Vision statement.  Society is for people, not markets.  Free markets are a means, not an end.  Yes, equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome; but free markets don’t guarantee equality of opportunity – proof: firms only want equality of opportunity when they are little. Once they have made it, they do anything they can to squash new competition.
  • Foreign Policy. Syria, Iran, non-Middle East.  What can US do?  What are US goals?
  • Public Education, K-12. Purposes.  3Rs, skills for job market, allow individuals to learn as much as they are capable and willing, socialization—common cultural understanding and stance, prepare for productive citizenship.  Mechanism: tell students facts, help students discover facts
  • Independents outnumber both Democrats and Republicans, but their voice is ignored in most media debates.  Why?  Independents don’t have a unified message, while the other two do.  The independent argument in one issue will be with the Dems, on the next with the Reps.  On individual arguments their positions are implicitly covered.  What is missed is that the Independent’s logic will often be different—and worthy of consideration, but it is not heard.  Difference between policy position (conclusion) and premises and logical steps to get there.  Media has single-issue orientation.  That is, one issue at a time, ignoring implications for that issue on other issues.
  • Knockout game. Sign Social Contract is broken. Society expects equal opportunity for all.  In return society expects the rules of law and order to be followed. Some of those at the bottom don’t honor law and order.  Why?  Those few see no social mobility, no chance for themselves.
  • Heredity – Environment. Physical, personality, psychology.  Everybody these days knows that these two factors act together.  Neither one alone determines completely the (size and robustness), (sweetness or sourness), or (rule-follower or criminality) of an individual.  However, studying cases on the boundary, with conditions, and extreme cases, should shine light on the function relating the two factors.
  • What is culture? Value of individual vs. society. Expected, allowed behaviors to situations.  Male vs. female repertoire. Values of different behaviors. Laws. Customs. Origin of culture. Origin of states, urban centers
  • Python, Complexity and Emergence.  Do an example of a system in which the overall theory is missing, but the individual has certain rules. Model the resulting system.  Bird flocking, restaurant sizing

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