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Some Brain Connections are Not Complete until Your 20s

nerve cell showing myein sheath in repeating units on a long axon

Myelination Do you know that some brain connections are not complete until your 20s? The process is called myelination. It is the coating of neurons with a chemical insulator which makes a signal travel along it up to 100 times faster. There is signal regeneration at the nodes of Ranvier. The effect is similar to…

Shaky Hands

Early, somber van Gogh. Farmer at a table

My earliest memories are of family dinners. A distinct one occurred after my first day at St. Jerome Primary School. Father sat at the head of the table, between the dining room windows. Without a glance I knew his face would be stern. Mom put potatoes on my plate and said, “Larry, what did you…

Goodtime Charlie

Stormy cloud. Rorschach interepretations

The floating red bar reminded him of long ago, of the altar railing, which regular people weren’t allowed beyond. Charlie set his hands on the red bar, but pulled them back quickly. His palms were blistered.