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One thing I have admired about the conservative movement is its clarity. It’s always possible to state what their position on an issue is.

The contrary position, whether democratic, liberal, or progressive, seems to be defined as an opposition rather than an assertion of a definite proposition. Since almost all issues have many aspects, by presenting a contrary argument those additional aspects are not supplied, leaving the argument incomplete and susceptible to misunderstanding.

Placard. Voting is my superpower

Here are a handful of affirmative political positions.

  • House of Representatives. Gerrymandering must be ended.  It’s undemocratic to have more state representatives from the party that lost the popular Congressional vote in the state.
  • The Federal government should have both a yearly budget and a yearly net worth.
  • Senate. Remove the 60 vote super-majority.  It is undemocratic.
  • End single senator holds on bills.
  • Corporations are not citizens. They are not people. Multinational corporations are by their nature, not American. Thus should not have a role in our political system and elections. When they span the globe, they have interests inimical to national interests.
  • The government can outsource, under annual fiduciary review, individual components of many tasks, but not essential operations, like military contractors for government forces. The government is not permitted to avoid responsibility for contractor’s actions, but must be held accountable for them.
  • Yes, the government that governs least, governs best. Yet the scope of government is wide, continual efforts must be made to eliminate duplication and activities at cross-purposes.
  • There are two broad types on individual behaviors. Those that affect only oneself and those that affect others.
    • For behaviors only affecting oneself, the government can make recommendations, but not enact laws. For example, smoking or getting in one’s own house is allowed, unless someone else in the house is hurt by it. Driving a motorcycle without a helmet is allowed, but in a vehicular accident, the driver of the other vehicle is not liable for injuries (or death) that the helmet would have prevented.
    • Adults must be treated as responsible citizens. Recommendations as to safe activities can be made
  • Libertarian option for resolving many conflicts of individual rights, especially religious and secular conflict.
    • Public accommodation requires civil law to prevail over religious beliefs. For instance, any one can order a cake or rent a hall.
    • Services offered only to members must be posted as such. Can not claim any public funds and must pay taxes, same rate as public accommodations
    • Citizenry preference will determine the type of service which flourishes

Placard, Voting is my superpower from wikicommons, albionpleiad.com

Overall Principles

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