Cylburn Mansion and Gardens
Cylburn Mansion and Gardens

Irene, dark-haired and intelligent
Mind pure, uncluttered by uncertainty
Summer begun for her
Passing Cylburn’s greenhouses
God wouldn’t allow evil in her world
Only the pure would dare approach her.

Carl’s long strides along the path
Relieved his stress
No cutting father, no meek mother
Past the rows of warm azaleas
A world of beauty and peace
Yet the Ridge trail had become too noisy
With the new JFX
He retreated from the whirling noise.

Irene’s fingers danced upon azalea greens
A brilliant oriole flew to the willow bough
Melded in. coming up
Auburn hair of a handsome boy
She gasped.

Careful Carl lifted his eyes
The image, a girl he did not know
An irresistible urge, he smiled

Honeysuckle scented the summer breeze
Irene offered him orange slices
Carl spoke of what he’d last read
A prattling tale of court life,
“Innocents in a medieval world.”

Sweet Irene shook her head
She sang softly,
“Two innocents in a perfect world.”

Carl took her hand
She leaned in
Their lips touched.

An innocent kiss
Whose sweetness only came
Once in a lifetime.

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