Category: Thinking in Daily Life

Thinking in Daily Life takes many skills and we hone some of the many skills we share.

Kinds of Words

In poetry I was stymied when asked to string together long sentences. Recently I came across the idea of dividing words up by meaning function. Now I see a dimensionality to writing that I can use. Example sentence: You, a citizen, six feet tall and owner of this book, are at home, at this moment,…

Two Cultures

Does your teacher explain things from simple axioms or does she explain by gestalt, showing you examples after examples until you eventually recognize the pattern? C. P. Snow wrote of two cultures.

Thinking Dimensions

Discredited phrenology uses physical markers to describe people's traits

Our placement on thinking dimensions affects how we view reality as well as the decisions we make. Our position is preconscious, yet it affects our politics and our personal life.

Deduction and Induction

Deduction is the normal operating mode of the left side of the brain using logic on facts. Induction is the normal operating mode of the right side of the brain using pattern-matching on incomplete information. Normal humans have both operating modes and the results of induction can be used with the results of deduction and…