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Methods of the mind, morals, superstitions, and techniques

Paradigm Shifts

One problem of using probabilities to relate world facts in one’s worldview is … when a contrary event occur, a person is able to fit the event as an acceptable fact within one’s worldview, by forcing one’s probabilities to allow it.

Electric Lights Across America

What would the blogs and forums have made of the outrageous image of a man with flames shooting out of his mouth? Lacking standards and in a rush to be electrified, towns found themselves saddled with shoddy work. Birds and insects attracted to the light were killed in large numbers, their tiny bodies littering the…

Survival of the Fittest

We all know the expression “survival of the fittest” which Herbert Spencer coined, as much for its use in social discussions as in natural selection. The better expression is “propagation of the most fertile.” It’s more faithful to Darwin’s work. It’s the subsequent generations of the most fertile that benefit by increasing numbers, rather than…