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Connected posts assembled into a single PDF that can be read without following links. Click on the PDF name to open the booklet.

Social Contract PDF 

1. Social Contract statement and implications. The fundamentals and the shortcomings.
2. Status Quo and Political Inertia. To fix problems, change is required, yet resistance is immediate.
3. Flash Mob and the Social Contract. Sometimes the contract stretches; sometimes it breaks.
4. Gross Inequality and the Social Contract. Let’s allow differences, but not galactic gulfs.
5. Creative Destruction and the Social Contract. Free markets exalt creative destruction but overlook the cost employees pay.

Economy PDF   

1. Lessons Learned about the US Economy
2. The Economic Value of Civilization
3. The Invisible Hand
4. The Invisible Hand’s Scar
5. Good for One, Good for All?
6. Missing Side of the Budget Debate
7. Government and Corporations
8. Constricted Lane between Wall Street and Main Street
9. Impact of 2017 Tax Cut on GDP
10. Pandemic Lockdown Economic Reality

Education PDF   

1. Education Goals. Elementary schooling is adequate. Our high school success is quite spotty.
2. Handful of High School Curriculum Changes. Dropouts are failed by school.
3. High School Graduation Rate. After high school, many go work, many to college, and some did not complete.
4. High School and Success. Giving dropouts their best deal.
5. Unemployment Rate by Schooling. Realistic prospects for income from future careers.
6. Two Methods of Learning. Logical and associative thinking require different teaching methods.
7. Social Contract, Crime and Opportunity. Should be discussed in high school