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Reasoning, Knowledge, Mental Perspective, and Our Common Makeup

MindWorks and Internal Worldview

MindWorks book cover

I always look for new angles to understand how the mind works. When Mark Gorkin (@stressdoc) mentioned that MindWorks uses beliefs, thoughts, and feelings to build its internal worldview, I knew I needed to read it.

High School Results

Figure 1. Chart of student final schooling and job opportunities

Although the dropout rate is 20%, by eight years after their slated graduation 97% of all students have a high school diploma or GED>

It’s the truth, but …

Many aspects, not all germane

How can telling the truth not benefit decision-making? When a selective truth is told, with many similar truths never mentioned, listeners readily make associations to displayed traits that may not be germane to the truth told. This facility of personal learning is natural and occurs across all thinking. It is the reason that sins of…

Political Framing Issues

George Washington in service to his country

Trump is a master at playing the media and focusing attention on his issues on his terms. National Conversation Here are three items a vibrant press should ensure enhance the national conversation. Ten million more Americans in 2018 voted for Democratic representatives than Republicans. A clear rejection of Trump positions and attitudes, yet rarely mentioned…

Culture Origins

Figure 1. Man against nature without culture

Culture is the collection of fossilized behavioral solutions of our cultural ancestors that we have adopted. They support the continuation of society.

Up a Steep Hill

My new focus. Immediately in front, like a cheetah chasing prey

As I rode my bike up the steep hill, I kept focused on the top of the hill—to the distance I had to achieve.