Strong Woman, Weak Man

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by Robert Hamill

Love at first sight

He was ready to settle down

She was ready to escape her mother's thumb

Lark and light hearted

His apartment was Shangra-li

They bonded with physical urgency

He pressed his scientific views

She quieted her religious doubts

Appear at his door

Rebuff his questions about family

Until her mother enforces a break

Doomed to fail

Banished, she needs refuge

He provides the nest

Baby grows fat and happy

Mending the breach with her parents

Accepting the new family with stiff arms

No longer inhibited

He regales with universal tales of logic span

She counters with explanations of beliefs and unreal actors

Dumbfounded, as his logic fails, his anger rises

Gladdened by hidden emotions,

But misunderstanding its warning

She continues to dispute, diving into fundamental depths

Unhappily he looks back on raised hand

Stopped only by separation and time

She joins him in unhappiness, but adds it to her arsenal

Now, whatever her desire

If he opposes

She raises emotional stakes

To shake his hold on logic

If necessary, she alludes to past event

Stronger and stronger

Until, in anger, he breaks his logic

or flees the argument

Either way, she gets her way

Looking over the kitchen sink

At falling snow flakes and blowing limbs

Her mother's tricks had become

Wisdom to her