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Short Stories by Robert Hamill

Goodbye Charlie - The floating red bar reminded him of long ago, of the altar railing, which regular people weren’t allowed beyond. Charlie set his hands on the red bar, but pulled them back quickly. His palms were blistered. First Home - Winter campout. Whitlow-Mazer - Teenage rebelliousness in a '60s urban neighborhood.
Red Line - Hot summer evening game for youngsters. Patapsco Days Lincoln's - When I was fourteen and looking for a new place to hang, I stumbled across Lincoln's store. Patapsco Days Decision in Ireland - A fictional recreation of Patrick Hamill's struggle in Ireland that led to his immigration to America.
Determined Friend - Jin-Su is confronted by a loyalty oath which seems to make her into a government agent rather than a counselor to immigrants and by a new, mysterious, but interesting friend. Facebook Fever - Two decades, two days, too hectic M-Square - Brains and Psychic. A double blessing or a double curse
Mr. Catastrophe - The seventh grade brings many challenges. Patapsco Days Kickout - Sabotage in the workplace.