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Poem and Prose Poem About Comment
Why Not Rich Pragmatism versus Idealism
4 and 20 Years to Go From youth in "4 and 20 Years Ago" to aging baby boomer
Clair de Lune Impossible to hold, impossible to ignore
Paradox Fatalism and Free Will side-by-side
Strong Woman, Weak Man An etiology
Strange Interlude Beauty and Attraction
Forward to Genius Renaissance
The Lonely Sentinel at Old Dorsey Church Nature reclaims her place
Genealogy Impression
Lost Decade The Power of Music
A Wish High school hope Prose poem
Harmony Meditation on Gauguin's Les Alyscamps
Alchemist Eulogy Fond Remembrance
Reluctant Guest
Sneaking a Cig Superficial yet deep
Intuitive Logic Deduction and Induction shake hands
Vacancy Nature abhors a vacuum
The Applause of Ten Thousand Messages a poem Inspired by Facebook Pimlico group
Two Thoughts Wide Nothing exists beyond
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