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Picture Credits

I'd like to thank the following for making the photos and works of art available.

WikiMedia Commons (in public domain)

  • Used in the Poem "Staircase of Science", "<a href="">Wendeltreppe</a>" by Daniel Hartmann (Deutsche Fotothek)
  • Used in "Immortality", photo of <a href="">Japan quake aftermath</a>
  • Used in "Reluctant Guest", Wilhelm Maria Hubertus Leibl's 1869 <a href="">painting</a>
  • Used in "Alchemist Eulogy", <a href="">alchemist drawing</a> used in 1841/1852 editions of "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Charles Mackay, LL. D. Copyright expired.
  • Used in "Intuitive Logic", <a href="">logic circuitry drawing</a> by Nikolay
  • Used in "Intuitive Logic", Gustave Dore's etching of <a href="">Creation of Light</a>. Copyright expired