Patapsco Days

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Crazy Frazy A hot sun baked my neck when I ran up an alley of my neighborhood, stopping when I saw a couple of my friends in Crazy Frazy’s backyard.
Forgotten A wife forgotten at a gas station Chet struggled to understand this story
Tippy Dogs were important neighbors, whether respected or feared.
Bingo Day I remember most of my time at St. Ambrose grade school with pleasure, but Bingo Day in the 8th grade is an exception.
Mr. Catastrophe Sister Mary Ellen walked back to the front of the classroom. "As seventh graders, you are starting on a new stage."
Lincoln's When I was fourteen and looking for a new place to hang, I stumbled across Lincoln's store.
Gabby Saturday morning over corn flakes and bananas I asked Dad, “What do you think we should do about Israel?”
Red Line Hot summer evening game for youngsters.
Whitlow-Mazer Teenage rebelliousness in a '60s urban neighborhood.
Lockout Larry shivered as he ran across the boulevard that separated the neighborhoods. His green windbreaker had been enough earlier in the sun, but now he was more worried about the time. Lockout Everyday Fiction Nov 2008
Leap Year Day Born on the luckiest day
Wolverton Mountain Once a bullshitter
Sunday Morning Coming Down It’s funny how things get remembered and forgotten. When I hear Johnny Cash singing “Sunday Morning Coming Down” ...
The New Calculus A consciousness raising event
Love the One You're With The first time Chet heard Stephen Still’s “Love the One You’re With” he was in the passenger seat of a Carmen Ghia, his head out the window in the cold Saturday night air, being driven home.
Excitement Melissa waved to me after my last class Friday afternoon. Muse Spring 2011
Kickout Sabotage in the workplace.