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Flash Story About Comment
Forgotten Family myth of a wife forgotten at a gas station - made into a story Patapsco Days
Leap Year Day - Izzy Born on the luckiest day Patapsco Days
Mud Bank a poem Revelation on a frosty morn
Brain on the Half Shell Two opposites must work together after a near fatal accident in the Asteroid Zone. Mental Construction addresses brain and thinking in a non-fictional manner.
A Nanosecond in the Life Philip Photon waits in the matrix of his gestation nucleon for the moment of his release. Pub. Calliope Jul/Aug 1985
Ari Lox Arithophilus Loxodrome sat comfortably in the window seat of an intercontinental jet.
Heavenly Meeting Interruption has more than a social cost. Pub. Mensa Bulletin Jun 2006
Hall of Fame In Nirvana, there is a curious skyscraper.
Mud Banks I walked down the paved path into the lake bed. Seventy feet out, I came to a lonely sign, Boat Channel.
Time Travel My name is Reinhold Armod. I am the unfortunate man who first tried to time travel. Pub. Capital M, Sep 1979
12 Times Table When I was in the second grade, we learned our multiplication tables, up through 12 times.
Urodelacide Nambo, the 6187th, sat in pleasant reverie aboard the starship Polaris.
"Bingo Day" I remember most of my time at St. Ambrose grade school with pleasure, but Bingo Day in the 8th grade is an exception.
Gabby Saturday morning over corn flakes and bananas I asked Dad, “What do you think we should do about Israel?” Patapsco Days